Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Inspiring Words for a Positive State of Mind

This article shows you a simple technique that WILL help you maintain a positive, optimistic state of mind throughout the day.

Thanks to Lara Kretler for this tip. Here's my little Wordle project.

To our purpose, here's what you can do at Wordle (among other thigs):
Enter a bunch of positive words
Create a gallery
Mix and match the colors, layout, and font
Print or share
Keep it in front of you or in a place where you see it often.

I think this is cool! Give it a try. (and tell me if you liked it)


Anonymous said...

Very cool - talk about using social media for good. I may do a screen grab of yours and print it out for days when I'm feeling less than cheery. I absolutely love!

Anonymous said...

@LaraK Thank you, that is really encouraging. (I guess, you have to type the entire URL like for it to link correctly. Blogger isn't that user friendly there)

Anonymous said...

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