Thursday, June 26, 2008

WANTing it without NEEDing it

Inspired by Dr.Joe Vitale while listening to attractor factor.

Listened to the attractor factor last week and I was inspired by it.

From yesterday, my mind was struggling with too many things at once. Should I do this first or that, when will I finish this, how do I do that, when and how I can accomplish it, this way or that, when do I meet the deadlines, what should I teach my kid, how can I spend more quality time with my wife and son, how will I meet deadlines at work, what if this or that... etc, etc., I think you get the idea.

And in the process, I was not doing anything.... just jumping between the tasks without actually completing anything.

My head was about to explode and suddenly it became calm the moment I remembered WANTing without NEEDing.

Yes I do want to finish all my work, yes I do want to achieve all my goals YESTERDAY or right now or as soon as possible, but there's no need to get attached to it. "Wanting it without needing it" releases all my attachments and helps me to focus on the right next thing with a clear and absolute mind.

Set the intentions, have clear goals, but be practical and do what you can in the now. Your work will so much be imbued with quality.

Few random instances-
i want million readers to my blog? do i need it? no
i want million dollars in my back account now? do i need it? no. it will happen, just follow the passion with fun and balance.
i want to be free from my job so that i can always do what i want to do? yes i really want it, but is there any point in attaching myself to the desire that i get depressed to get to work? no, so i don't need it, but i do want it.
i want to do this now, but i dont need to, -which helps me to decide my priorities.

And now, I want to apply this theory to everything I am doing so that my mind stays clear... BUT, I don't need to apply this forcefully.... let certain things flow naturally and don't try to force the mind.

Want it, desire it, do the best you can, but don't get attached to it.

Your comments appreciated!

Vin @vinbhat


Chhaya said...

Very nice post...very explicit and clear and conveys your thoughts ! Hope to see more articles like this !!

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