Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to Experience Anything you Desire

There are seminars that charge you more than $500 to teach you this. But, this simple exercise is powerful and here it is yours free for the taking.

Sit in a comfortable position, with spine erect
Take a deep breath and release - do this twice
This puts you in alpha state
Now, visualize, image, explore and experience every great thing that could happen when your dream or desire comes true. Do this as long as you want, just see the end results as vividly as possible. Just imagine a future date where your dream has already come true.
Then, anchor it and let go! (This is an important step and see details below)

About visualizing, suppose one of your desires is to own a BMW 335i Convertible: Imagine you just bought it, fully paid, driving around your favorite streets, parked in front of the house, showing it off to friends, giving your loved one a ride.

If your desire is to have 10 million visitors to your website everyday, imagine how does it make you feel.

Let go, the important step: At the end of the exercise, anchor it, and tell your mind "Dear mind, please guide me, take right actions and make it come true" and just release and let go of your thoughts and move on to anything you need to do at the moment.

How to anchor?: Anchor by touching or doing something in a unique way. For eg: place your hand on your heart and say "Dear mind, please guide me, take right actions and make it come true" and experience the feelings of you enjoying the end results. Or hold your 3 fingers together. Need more? Please request via comments below.

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Vin Bhat, blog.DataProXL.com
contributor, PR, associate coach

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