Friday, August 11, 2006

Why to Read the Articles?

You know that millions of people watch TV everyday. It's estimated that an average person watches about or more than 20 hours of TV each week. Compared to that, number of people or amount of time people spend reading is very less. An interested person can read many helpful articles online. I was trying to anaylyze the advantages of reading, and here are few:
  • Many times you just need one good idea that can solve your problems or it can work wonders for you. You will find such ideas in these articles.
  • Whether you are a right brained (right brain dominant) person or a left brained person, you will benefit from reading articles. Right brain is the creative, emotional, imaginative side of the brain. Left brain is the logical, rational side of the brain.
  • Triggers ideas
  • Opens and increases creativity
  • You will gain knowledge and awareness
  • Relaxes your mind

Please add the additional reasons Or why reading is better than TV or vice versa.

1 comment:

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